About the website

My name is Manolis Nikolakakis and this website is my playground where I exhibit mostly my photography work as it evolves. It is neither a travel or a listing businesses website and will not evolve into one. All the photos were shot by me from 2015 and on so it is not covering a wide geographical range and time period. I am revisiting it from time to time and try to update it, or check new functionalities and experiment with ways to present multimedia information. Over time it changed many times and I completely rebooted the logic and the template on which I deployed it. Now since my primary goal is to check how to interconnect HTML5 virtual tours with websites I adopted this logic of having my photos presented in a map and if there is a respective spherical panorama to embed it in the details page of the place.

In early 2010s, I started to learn to develop and administer webpages for the needs of this position. Since 2014, I have started to learn and develop my skills in photography as well, focusing mostly in panorama shooting and virtual tours development. Macro and landscape photography came a bit later, with landscape photography being the type that I find that I enjoy most at the moment. This includes urban landscapes, night scenes, sea landscapes. However, I cannot find a type of photography that I would not enjoy and if I have the chance I will definitely try portrait, street, social interactions photography in the near future.